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How to use built-in text editor

The built-in text editor for user input, descriptions and other texts is much more powerful than it looks at the very first glance.
It’s a full-featured Markdown editor that has built-in text template engine which enables you to generate dynamic texts out of user inputs, making your experts truly dynamic and context-sensitive.
You can learn more about Markdown syntax here: https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax
On the other hand, you don’t really need to know more than just a basic set of rules:
= header 1

header 1

== header 2

header 2

=== header 3

header 3

- list
  • list
    * list
  • list
    [ ] to-do list
    1. to-do list
    [name](url) - link to a page with the given url, showing name in the title
    ![](image url) - display an image from the given url
    |column 1|column 2 - table
    column 1
    column 2
    ** bold **
    > Blockquote
    -- source
    --- light dashed divider
    ___ light solid divider
    === dark solid divider
    *** dark dashed divider
    >> collapsed title
    collapsed text
    collapsed text
    The editor works in “log mode” by default which means that you can write the text line-by-line and see it formatted instantly, then edit or delete individual lines by clicking them. It makes it easier and safer to edit long texts.
    Whenever you need to edit the full text, you can click the button to the right of the text input line.